Google+ adwebster - Formats


On the subpages below, you can find information and technical preparation guidelines for all adwebster formats in the "display", "video advertising" and "mobile advertising" areas.

IAB standard formats
The established and widely used standard IAB formats are suitable for running cost-effective and very wide-reaching display branding campaigns.
Expandable display ads
Expandable ads are branding advertisements whose area increases by several hundred percent when touched. With an expandable display ad, it is very easy to deliver an advertising message prominently in a large format.
Maxiboard Grossformate Large formats
The maxiboard, wideboard and the halfpage ad are the most frequently used large formats in Switzerland. Large formats are used to generate high impact with users at a low contact frequency. Both formats are also available in expandable format, which further increases the advertising effect.
Interactive layer ad 
You can't have more impact than this! An interactive layer ad is a combination of a wide skyscraper and a layer ad. The layer ad is loaded automatically and lies over the contents of the web page.
Engagement ad
An engagement ad is a mixture of a video inpage format and an expandable Flash skyscraper. The advantages of this format are apparent. It combines the impact of a video ad with the interaction and the call to action of a Flash banner.
Dynamic Sitebar Ad
Dynamic Sitebar Ad
Beim Dynamic Sitebar Ad handelt es sich um ein skalierbares Werbemittel, welches sich der Grösse des Browserfensters anpasst und im contentfreien Raum einer Webseite ausgeliefert wird. Innerhalb des dynamischen Werbemittels kann optional ein Videoformat abgespielt werden.
Video instream ads
The ideal way to convey emotions. Video instream ads are absolutely perfect as a digital extension of TV campaigns. You can choose between pre-roll and channel switch ads.
Video in-page ads
The use of inpage formats massively increases the reach of a moving-image campaign and, at the same time, decreases the effective cost per thousand. There are three different inpage video formats: the video layer ad, the video content ad and the video expandable ad.
Mobile banner ads
The standardised mobile banner ads are compatible with all smartphones and operating systems and are used for apps and mobile websites.